• Easy to Use: the Water Hose Timer Outdoor has three super-large dials, and three sets of indicator lights allow you to complete the setting of the irrigation schedule in seconds and display the set time very intuitively. Can be installed on 3/ 4″ faucets unrequired tools. It also totally suits parents, elders to use.
  • Leak-proof & Waterproof: Withstand water pressure up to 120 psi. Support 3/4 outdoor water faucet and avoid water leakage. 360°rotating connector let you attach the hose timer to faucet easily. The sprinkler timer is IPX4 waterproof, suitable to installing outdoor.
  • Automatic Watering System: Only 3 dials to operate, saving your time for timer set-up. Cost only 10 seconds to set an automatic watering timer. Rotate the “How often” and “How Long” dial, set the frequency and run time you want to water your garden, flowerbed, lawn, or potted plants. More watering run time choices(above 30minutes) are available to choose, which satisfies your special needs for irrigation system.
  • Multiple Watering Modes: You can set 3 watering modes with moistenland hose timer-Automatic Watering, Manual Watering, Delay Watering. Each mode setting is easily done by rotating the dials. If you want the watering right away, just rotate the dial to the time you want. If you meet a rainy days recently, just choose delay time you want.
  • Wide Applications: The water timer is ideal for outdoor gravity drip irrigation, garden hose watering, lawn sprinkler controller, greenhouse mist system, pool filling, birdbath dripper, rain barrels, pet drinking, kids summer water playing etc.