Automatic Watering System

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  • Vacation assistant:30-day programming automatic watering system for deck, patio, garden, vegetable gardens or potted plants, save you time and energy, perfect for your vacation
  • Timing watering device:Combine pump and timer in 1 automatic Irrigation kit, pumping water from a container, Save 70% water compared to traditional spray and drip heads
  • Easy to use:Just 2 steps to set up the automatic watering device. Example: If your plants needs Watering once every day, 30 seconds each time. Then you can Set the “watering time” to “30”, “Interval time” is set to “1”
  • Two types of power:Running this drip watering system from 4 pcs of AA batteries (Not included)or USB connection power. use both at the same time to prevent stop working after power failure
  • Special note:Please use BOILED WATER to soak the hose and then install with other accessories, which will make the whole irrigation system more solid and avoid leaking. Besides, Please DO NOT place the water bucket in a high position, to avoid the distance between the water bucket and the potted position is too far, causing SIPHON EFFECT


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Automatic irrigation system features:
Watering at any time: Water immediately with a single button press on the controller panel without influencing the set watering schedule.

Timing watering for plant: Set the Watering and Interval time to your plants need. The system will automatically water to your set schedule.

Battery and USB Power: Power with 4 AA batteries or USB charging cable, such as a phone charger (5V, minimum 1 Amp requirement), the AA batteries will act as a backup during power outages.

Save water and time: Automatic drip kit use 70% less water than traditional spray & drip heads, by spot watering only exactly where needed.

Programming memory: Custom schedules will be retained and programmed watering will resume after power recover.

Easy to install & use: According to the number and distance of your flower pots, cut the hose, connect the 3-way and the drippers to install the drip system,
then only need to set the watering time and interval time to work. Please see the instructions.
1.The indicator light on the control panel will turn red if low power, which means you should replace the batteries.
2.When the amount of water in the container is insufficient, for safety reasons, it will automatically stop pumping and start intermittent snoring,informing you to add water. or you can relieve the beeping with the press of any key.

① Be sure the tube plugged into the deepest of the drippers to prevent leaking water.
② place the unit at the same height as the plants to avoid the siphon effect.
③ For your plant health, it’s better if you can test before you officially set up your timing plan.

50 reviews for Automatic Watering System

  1. henry stracovsky

    Current rating based on limited use time

  2. Tom Foster

    It seems to work OK so far. I’m hoping it helps my plants grow better.

  3. Annie Plourde

    Great irrigation system for indoor plants.

  4. Constance Sombaty

    It’s a little bit confusing at first when setting up the time and intervals but once it’s set up you’re good to go. I kind of wish it came with more 4 way connectors but I’ve managed to make it work.


    I like that it is efficient and waters my plants for me on a schedule.

  6. Erica Redhead

    I able to water my plant hands….very time saving

  7. Josh dowell

    Wish I knew if I could pump nutrients thru it. Wish it had a separate power off butter. Wish it came with more stakes and tees.

  8. John Harbolt Jr

    Looks good can’t wait to see how it works

  9. Mark Jacob Wilson

    Great product have been using it for a week now and I’m very impressed with it. Water my plants perfectly

  10. Amanda Lowe

    I haven’t set up my new watering system yet but I’m super excited to be able to get my plants on a set watering schedule and be able to travel for short times without having to rush home and check my plants.

  11. Kayla Felts

    Fast delivery. I haven’t set it up yet but it seems pretty simple. I’m terrible at keeping up with watering my plants so this is exactly what I needed/wanted.

    My box came with a surprise card. It shows that I’ll get $10 if I continue 4 steps. A smart way to get so many reviews! (Thank you). I’ll try to remember to give another update once I use the automatic watering system. So far I don’t have no complaints.

    4 starts only because I haven’t used the product yet but I’m sure it will be a life saver.

  12. Caroline Carnett

    A little hard to disassemble but appears to work well

  13. Bernard Pattie

    I hooked it up, it worked. I haven’t used it long enough to know much more about it.

  14. Jie Gong

    Took a while to set up. So far everything worked as advertised, but there is one drip tubing that is not dripping water into the pot. Need further troubleshoot before writing a full review.

  15. Berna Acen

    Excellent design, and price point is acceptable.

  16. Yervand Beglaryan

    its very useful think with good quality.

  17. Angeles

    The idea of the product is great, specially when you can’t afford irrigation for ur plants, but I didn’t like the instructions. The instructions were so complicated to follow. We had to watch YouTube videos to understand it because the instruction pamphlet did not make much sense.

  18. Jane Demkowicz

    Used this product once – eases the fear of losing all my plants.

  19. Nikhilkumar Daftari

    Used it during the vacation and worked pretty well. Overall very satisfied. Would have liked app monitoring functionality.

  20. Pinky Kapoor

    Like the functionality and simplicity of this product. It is elegant and innovative. Solves the problem of drip irrigation.

  21. Cheryl Nelson

    Instructions were easy to follow.

  22. Hima Bindu Kovur

    Good system for my outdoor plants.

  23. Ruth Griffin

    easy setup…. works great…..waters my plants exactly as programmed

  24. August Chen

    Very easy to set up, I’m really happy to have found a irrigation system that works without a tap

  25. Alice Irizarry

    The box to program the system seems to be a little to clumpsy. Cheap material ans also the instruction or the way the program works to set up the time and intervals seems to be a little too complicated.

  26. Diann Westrick

    This product is very easy to use and to setup. This product is very reliable.

  27. Vincenzo Di Carlo

    It’s an amazing product, just to keep in mind I would like more componer. For example more than just one piece of the four-way component.

  28. Matthew Adams

    Working well in a tight corner

  29. Gene Chuang

    I have to try it first. Wait and see

  30. Vance M Kawakami

    Working great so; the real test will be when I go on an extended trip.

  31. Soumitra

    Given it a 4-star for now as it’s still brand new and I want to test it for longer period. But given the big number of positive reviews when I bought it, I think I will change it to 5 star in future!

  32. Anna Cohen

    Fantastic product. Easy to set up and works well

  33. Marc-André Gemme

    Nice kit, haven’t hooked it up, but it seems simple enough.

  34. Kiran Bharadwaj

    Easy set up of tubing. Easy set up of controller. Bought to water my tomato plants while I’m on vacation

  35. Brandy lewis

    We purchased to go on vacation and water our plants. We had to play around with the Milliliters to ensure each plant got enough water but after you figure it out, it works perfectly.

  36. Jim Lisiak

    Seems to work as outlined on Amazon

  37. JI Martinez

    I just received it and I’m putting it together. I know it is an excellent product because it was recommended to me by a fiddle fig leaf expert!!!

  38. Andrew Schiller

    Instructions for time on do not match unit. Should show 1-99 seconds as in QR linked video.

  39. Di Liang

    It’s working well so far and i am excited to see my plants be alive when I come back from vacation.

  40. Phillip Wynkoop

    I have used a moistenland irrigation kits for over a year and recently bought a second one. They work better than expected and have all the features and functions I am looking for. I previously used another brand from Amazon but it broke after one growing season, which lead me to this kit. I highly recommend it for the price.

  41. Leslie Roberts

    Haven’t used it but a couple days,I do wish you could set the right time of day and could water longer than 5 minutes.

  42. Ryan A Oakey

    Great watering system. Works as advertized

  43. Rodrigo Cabanas

    Great product, now can travel and no worries about my plants.

  44. Javaughn Ferguson

    Amazing product I have been searching for a product like this and I’m blown away

  45. Ehab Eassa

    Haven’t used it yet but like the flexibility of this setup.

  46. Tyler Perry

    The product works, and the installation was easy as well

  47. Nick Bahula

    Haven’t used but seems sturdy. If it works like the videos it should work for me.

  48. Spencer ace

    Could use and app and WiFi control

  49. Brian

    Leaking! also did not come with proper amount of stakes

  50. Victor Nguyen

    It is a good product. I used to water my plants. It work perfectly as I needed

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