Garden Starter Kit

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  • SOIL-FREE CULTIVATION INDOOR GROW KIT: Designed with no soil technology to cultivate the plants; avoid any soil contamination, no heavy metal contamination, no pesticide residue, no antibiotics, non-OMG and non-nitrite. Equipped with 12 planting seed pods which made of Biochar Mud, non-toxic and no soil contamination ensure natural and green planting for you, safer and healthier come pare to other normal sponges. (Seeds and Nutrient solution not included).
  • SMART INDOOR GARDEN KIT: Constructed with an automatic control panel automatically to control ON/OFF of the LED grow light, the lights will automatically turn off after 18 hours of constant use, and will turn back on after 6 hours of rest, setting the perfect light time to help your plants photosynthesis, creating a cycle of 24 hours.
  • HIGH EFFICIENT LED GROW LIGHTS: Designed with high effective customized spectrum 22-watt LED Lighting System is tuned to the specific spectrum for plant growing, providing the necessary full spectrum of lights to support indoor gardening plants that maximizes photosynthesis. The unique Dual Growing Mode(Vegetables, Flow&Fruits) only with one touch on the control panel to emit the right blend of light spectrum to fully simulate optimum natural conditions.
  • IN-HOME GARDENING SYSTEM ALL YEAR ROUND: Up to 12 plants grown at once, allow you growing fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more with the indoor gardening system, which can grow plants 5 times faster than growing in soil. You can enjoy any hydroponics plants you want in any seasons. Ideal for indoor use, either on the kitchen counter, window or living room.
  • BULIT-IN FANS&WATER PUMP: The top of the system holds an air circulation system that mimics the breeze in the nature and makes plants grow more efficiently. No need to hand pollinate. Equipped with a water pump in water tank to circulate and flow the water to make sure that the plant roots get enough nutrients and helps the roots to breathe and grow even faster.



348 reviews for Garden Starter Kit

  1. Madison

    Got this for a birthday present, Loved the design

  2. Shyanne Hanson

    It’s beautiful, made with quality materials and the information booklet is incredibly thorough in assisting set up!

  3. Sarah Jenkins

    Beyond there not being any seeds, in reading the instructions I found out we have to get some plant food and ph strips to test the ph of the water….

  4. Collin Henry

    Very cool product! Can’t wait to get started!

  5. Matt jackson

    East set up and looks nice on counter. Eagerly anticipating having indoor garden

  6. Randi Bossa

    It was easy and quick to setup. Waiting to see how well seeds grow.

  7. Lacey Rozell

    Im really excited to see how it works, im surprised the lights dont have an automatic timer.

  8. Cory woeller

    Thought it came with seeds when i bought it

  9. Amy Stowers

    The instructions are easy to follow and set up. Looks nice. Can’t wait to plant!

  10. Joseph Park

    The product is great. We have been using for an indoor garden for the past several months. Only thing we would like to see is the lighting area be able to go higher and additional sponge growing pods be more readily available. for purchase.

  11. Stephanie Carleton

    I like the two types of lights for different seed types.

  12. Trudy

    Seeds started growing right away. Good looking and uses a fan for air movement

  13. Kenidi Campa

    I just got it for Christmas and I am so excited to get started. It looks amazing on my kitchen counter.

  14. Christian Mastrella

    It’s a very nice design. Functions are what I was looking for and easy to change/add water and nutrients.

  15. Alain Harvey

    Wow it is awesome ! I love it. Cant wait to see how it goes

  16. Jeremy

    Still learning unit, first time using one, so not familiar

  17. John Dymond

    Looks great. Can’t wait to try it out

  18. Angelica Lopez

    It is a completely new hobby for me. I hope it will be a great experience.. let’s wait and see!

  19. Sarah Owen

    Perfect design, easy instructions, very moist

  20. Madison Warminsky

    I love it so far! It was easy to set up and looks nice with the wood top

  21. Erin Tyler

    I haven’t started growing yet but I am finding the instructions are clear but not in a great order. I am not liking this website and all of the steps required to register warranty

  22. Courtney Smith

    Seems to be good so far, only had for a short time

  23. Lynn Cartier

    Beau produit hâte de l’utiliser

  24. Seth McDairmant

    Lots of accessories to get started with an indoor garden.

  25. janaya whitman

    Just got it very excited to start using it and playing around with growing fruits and veggies

  26. Gabriel Laforest

    Product looks fine. Quality looks ok too. Would be nice if seeds were included. Delivery was fast and the product arrived in good shape. Can’t wait to see how well it works!

  27. Patricia Pb Bouchard

    Il manque d instructions. Ce n est pas clair, comment ajuster le PH….je trouve ça un peu compliqué

  28. Bernadette Dube

    I put 5 stars because I don’t want it to affect your rating negatively for no reason, but my mom hasn’t used it yet as she just got it yesterday and wants the free gift.

  29. Gary S Lewis

    Honestly, I just opened the package, so I have no idea yet …. 🙂
    Don’t see the hole punch and it is not mentioned in the instructions, so don’t know what it’s for..

    Looks good and I am looking forward to get it up and running!!
    Thank you.
    Gary Lewis

  30. Virginie Bachand

    I love the look of it, it is sturdy. I love that there is a fan. It is very quiet too. Very happy with my purchase.

  31. Emmanuel Laflamme

    Good product. I think it will be a good add to my kitchen,

  32. Jerry tam

    So far it looks good!
    Havent tried it yet

  33. Robert Borejszo

    I would love to be able to setup manually at what time my 16 hour cycle starts.

  34. Esteban Marie-Claude Giasson

    Je n’ai pas encore commencé à en faire l’usage

  35. Brooke Coughlan

    The product is very functional and I am enjoying it. The instructions could be a little clearer.

  36. Diana Pinsent

    Very easy to set up. It is nice and quite and I like that there are two light settings. The water circulation is actually quite therapeutic. Love it in the kitchen.

  37. Todd

    It’s a nice easy system to start up and use. I have a friend has bought the same unit is very satisfied.

    I can’t wait to have some finished product.


  38. Shuji Osawa

    I haven’t started to use it but I hope it works.

  39. Jacqueline Ledbetter

    I have always wanted a hydro watering system. I am tired of the knats that come along with house plants! Looking forward to fresh Mint and seasonings!

  40. Jorge Garzón

    So far is working well. Has everything regarding the “hardware”. Seeds and food have to be purchased separately.

  41. Brian Edwards

    Love the design. I like the fact it has a fan this means what you grow will grow better . I like how easy it is to set up. it fits nicely on the indoor setup that I have going. I like that you can grow more on this kit than some of the others I have seen.

  42. Brenda Brunet

    I like all the accessories and the size of the growing deck.

  43. Cyndi Rowley

    Easy setup and instructions. Just getting started. Looks like it will be great. Let you know when our seeds start to grow
    Can’t wait

  44. Jacynthe Girard

    Very good. The oly thing is that there is no nutriment incluses.

  45. Dawn Rosa

    Just received as a gift. I can’t wait to purchase some seeds and begin growing a garden in my kitchen.

  46. Tanya dickieson

    Love the product! We are growing herbs and spices and also starting some tomatoes and cucumbers in it

  47. Aaron Brown

    I was missing the tweezers in the shipment. Just starting the process but so far so good I guess

  48. Donna Hynes

    I like this product because it can hold 12 pods

  49. Noah Weir

    So far it seems really great. Great build quality.

  50. Lyric Hammonds

    Looks great! Just setting up, but so far so good!

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