• Adjustable Nozzle- Humidification Effect Guarantee: Adjustable nozzles can control the size and density of water mist particles, giving your pet a suitable humidity level. Multiple 360° rotating nozzles will be able to take care of any corner.
  • DIY Your Rainforest System: You can install the reptile humidifier position completely according to your own mind. The 16ft tube, and other accessories allow you to set up the small misting system in any corner.
  • Easy to Add Water – No Tank Limitation: Compared to traditional reptile humidifiers, our humidifier does not have a water tank, and you can use a large bucket as a reservoir. You can store the amount of water that suits your wishes.
  • Intelligent Timing Function – Saving Time and Effort: Through the three buttons on the product, you can freely set the humidified timer. This humidifier saves you from worrying about reptile pets. Depending on the size of the water tank, you can add water to the reservior every two or three days to keep your pet moist.
  • Data Storage-No Need to Repeat Settings: The device is powered by type C USB. Even the power is off, the memory program will automatically remember the previous settings, so you don’t need to waste time reset the settings once the power is restored.