• APP Remote Control: Through the APP, you can remotely set multiple automatic watering plans, and you can also check the irrigation records of the automatic flower watering device in the past 7 days, so as to better control the time and frequency of watering. Using a watering stake can save at least 70% of the water compared to using a traditional sprinkler and dripper. Energy efficient!
  • Auto & Manual Watering Mode: You can achieve drip irrigation anytime and anywhere through the APP or by pressing the “M” button of the device. The most suitable automatic irrigation plan can be customized through the APP, and the automatic irrigation modes include regular circulation irrigation and immersion circulation irrigation.
  • Water Shortage Alarm: This auto plant watering device has a water shortage alarm function. When it is monitored that the water container is short of water, a notification will be sent to you through the APP. You can also invite multiple family members to manage the device together through the APP and take care of the family plants together.
  • Smart Indoor Drip Irrigation Kit: Moistenland drip irrigation kits can be widely used in indoor potted housplants, greenhouse, grow tent and hanging plants and balcony plants. Keep your home vivid green even in the cold winter.
  • Kindly Note: Only 2.4GHz WIFI can be connected ( not support 5G). For dual-band routers, please enable the 2.4GHz WiFi band independently, and the name is different from the 5GHz WiFi band. Available mobile phone system version: Android 5.0 or above, IOS10.0 or above