• 5-Minute Set-Up: Pair the sprinkler timer to the Tuya app via Bluetooth only in 3 steps. First, download the app from Google Play or Apple Store; Second, make sure the sprinkler timer and smartphone’s Bluetooth opened; Third, pair them together and then you can set the watering schedules in the app. The timer can connect with the Moistenland Wi-Fi Gateway to work as a Wi-Fi water timer. (Note: The maximum bluetooth working range is 196ft in the open area without blocks)
  • Flexible Watering Schedules: Through the user-friendly Tuya app, you can set up to 20 separate watering schedules to satisfy your needs. The watering timer setting procedure is more flexible and convenient than the traditional water timer. Support multiple watering schedules like once, daily, weekdays, or even specific period cyclical.
  • Manual Watering & Rain Delay: Use the water right away by just press the button on the water timer, or click the button in the app. It will not disrupt existing programmed schedules. The smart timer can automatically skip the watering schedule on rainy and snowy days based on the latest local forecasts.
  • Reliable & Durable Construction: The Smart water timer is made of high-quality ABS plastic with anti-UV coating. IP54 waterproof, and there are two shields to protect the battery case, ensuring that no water leaking to the batteries. Require two ALKALINE AA batteries and it lasts for 12 months or more.
  • Free Data Storage: It features data storage in both app’s account and water timer itself. You are able to view recent watering records. It also allows you to monitor the irrigation plan in more flexible and intelligent way, perfect for lawn, plants, greenhouse, garden and other garden supplies.